To enhance our business we are also able provide valuable equipment and electrical sales to our customers and the general public.


Our range of Products available are:


  • Variable Speed Drives
  •  Low Voltage Switchgear
  • PLC and HMI
  • Instrumentation

Sentek Technologies


Sentek Technologies


Victorian Distributor of Sentek Products.

  • EnviroSCAN Probe
  • Sentek Plus All - In - One
  • Product Range
  • IrriMAX Software
  • IrriMAX Live
  • Sensors
  • Sentek Drill & Drop
  • About Sentek
  • Sentek RT6 Data Logger

Further information can be found by following the attached link



Qtech (NZ)

  • Point to Point Radio
  • SMS Controller


Fertiriego (Spain)

  • Fertigation Equipment


Other Brands Include;

  • Eaton Products
  • Secomea Device
  • IFM Sensors
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Process Controllers
  • Float Switches
  • Pressure Switches
  • Industrial Switched Outlets

Variable Speed Drives


In the majority of applications the company uses ABB Variable Speed Drives manufactured in Finland. G.H. Electrical is the local distributor for ABB automation products and found them to be very reliable. Technical support is always available with the variable speed drive being extremely adaptable to integration of irrigation systems.


                           Field Day    Inside Switchboard                                     ACS580

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