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GH Electrical is pleased to announce we can now offer a Thermal Imaging Service to our customers.


We now have two staff members as Certified Level 1 Thermographers, ensuring comprehensive, professional photos and reports.


Thermal imaging is a critical preventative maintenance task, identifying potential problems before they occur, avoiding equipment failure and potential electrical fires.


Every business should use thermal imaging as part of their preventative maintenance program

Many insurance companies recommend/require thermal imaging/reporting for current insurance policies.


For any enquiries please contact our office on (03)50233441

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Case File

On the 12 March 2015 we were called to a Customer's switch board fault.  Upon inspection found door showing signs of a start of a fire, through the visual burns on the escutcheon.


The 125 amp Circuit Breaker had caught fire, possibly through loose connections or fatigue.   This circuit breaker feeds a cool room full of product, in this instance we were able to save the potential loss of product/income for the customer.


Regular Thermal Imaging may have identified problems before this event occurred saving downtime and potential losses.


We can only highly recommend regular Thermal Imaging Reports be undertaken by our customers as a safeguard for their businesses.





Burnt 125 amp Circuit Breaker


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